Wednesday Oct 26, 2022

008: Money beliefs : Are you holding yourself back?

If you're ready to step up your life and your business, while being unapologetically you, The Sigma Femme is the podcast for you!

The Sigma Femme is neither a leader nor a follower.  She is committed to living HER life, HER way.  She has charisma and unstoppable power like no other.  Let’s expand the Sigma Femme community together.

What are your beiefs around money? Are you where you want to be? What are other people's beilefs about money? .... Today Hayley chats about how her beliefs changed and made more money flow her way.  Towards the end of this episode, she asks you these questions, and suggests that you journal about the answers:

* If I was GUARANTEED success, what would I want?

* If I had FULL SUPPORT from everyone in my life, what would I do?

* If I knew for a FACT that I was capable, what would I do?

* If I could leave ONE MESSAGE with the world, what would that be?


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About your host : Hayley Forbes

It's Hayley's mission to CHANGE THE WORLD, by inspiring one person at a time to create the life they want and deserve.

She helps female coaches and entrepreneurs connect to their purpose and passion, so they can call in success and freedom in abundance.

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